Black + Berry.


I love an all-black look, so simple but so chic at the same time. I really wanted to do an all-black turtleneck look, as turtlenecks are everywhere right now. Its so classic and stream-lined with a skirt and heels. I also love the oversized cableknit versions.

I look forward to dressing up for any occasion but especially during the holidays. I think when you elevate your look for an occasion, it instantly makes everything feel more special. Traditionally my go to makeup look is a light smoky eye and nude/pink lip, but for the holidays I like to mix it up a bit. Here I did a more dramatic cat eye and a berry lip (MAC lipstick in Rebel). I like to wear darker colours and reds blotted out to more of a stain, as oppose to a precisely lined version. I feel like its a little more comfortable and lived in, and I’m less likely to be so concerned about smudging.

I officially jumped into the holiday season this weekend. On Thursday night I attended a Christmas cookie party. Its such a great idea; ladies only (about 30 at this one), everyone bakes 60 cookies and everyone walks away with 2 of each cookie plus 12 extra of their fav picks…there is also a secret santa component; everyone brings a themed gift of a certain budget, the gifts are numbered and drawn out of a hat. This years theme was owls, so every lady left with a cute gift (I picked a set of owl coffee mugs) a ton of cookies, plus the holiday cheer obtained by good company, good wine and a good old fashioned sugar rush…


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Turtleneck/H&M (Similar herehere and here). Skirt/ASOS (Similar here and here). Shoes/Forever21 (Similar here, here and Splurge here). Clutch/Vintage.


2 thoughts on “Black + Berry.

  1. … you should be living in Europe Amber !!!
    France/Spain/Italy !! you would fit in [perfectly] !

    … …

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