The Spill.


On Thursday night I was enjoying a particularly flavourful glass of shiraz, when suddenly, a clumsy slip of my hand sent the glass crashing, spilling the entire contents and dousing my brand new grey mohair sweater in sopping red wine…naturally I was devastated and immediately spiralled into panic attack mode…I had barely begun to think of all the ways to wear said sweater…

After a good cry, I managed to gather my faculties enough to get the sweater into a bowl, douse it with an almost full bottle of white wine (a beautiful french sauvignon blanc; a small price to pay) and a generous amount of table salt. A quick hand scrub and into the gentle cycle wash it went. I hung the wounded to dry, and the next morning I awoke to a perfectly restored sweater. I was able to feature the rescued in this post.

With the holidays on the approach and many glasses of red to sample…and many possible clumsy hand slips on the horizon, maybe my tale will save other beautiful sweaters. And don’t worry, its okay to cry over spilled shiraz…as long as the mohair makes it out of the bowl unscathed….

This post is dedicated to my beautiful sister Stephanie, who can calmly talk me off of any ledge, including the spill related…



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Coat/Le Chateau (older, Similar here and here). Sweater/Zara (not found on site, similar here and here). Trousers/Zara. Boots/Aldo (Similar here and here, Splurge here). Toque/Echo (Need this one and this one). Umbrella/Furla.


3 thoughts on “The Spill.

  1. thats my girl…..panic….freak out…..blow a gasket…….go postal……then fix the problem…..
    all ends well

  2. I really love the post ! The red umbrella is really looking so good in the picture ! Visit my fashion blog too ! :))

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